Sunday, February 05, 2006

Got It? The Dirty Little Heaters (307 Knox Records)

Melissa Thomas & Reese Gibbs, the dynamic duo, will be forcing you to play air guitar and make funny faces.

These seven ditties, were penned by Ms Gibbs, and from what I can gather she is pissed. Thomas throws in some thundering war beats, complementing the bolts of flash lighting guitar and the, from the belly, verbal assault.

This is like finding money. This is that guilty pleasure you cannot speak of but cannot deny. From the red devil horned angry girl on the cover to the last grinding fuzzed out note this plastic platter just screams rock like no one is watching. Rock like your ass is on fire.

The Dirty Little Heaters is sassy assed girl punk from Durham NC, and they’ve got IT, Got it? Head on down to and get yours today. Now you got it.


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