Friday, February 29, 2008

leap year.

I thought I should just leap into this, it being leap year and all. this year I am going to just pretend that there is someone who is still tuning in. not that you are talking. let me do a commercial for the place I had lunch. if you live around Raleigh and ever get out New Bern Avenue you probably flew right past Jack's Seafood Reastaurant at 1516. Jack's specialty is fried seafood and southern soulfood. the deserts are like you find at bake sales. good stuff.
Flaming Lips have been around since 1984 or so but it took picking up Satellite Heart at the thrift store for me to take any notice. these guys are the real thing.
2007 was an incredible year for one of my lifelong , or at least since 1966, heros. Roky Erickson had his best year in the last 30 and started off 2008 by being on Austin City Limits. it was really good to see how healthy Roky appears and how he rocked out in his most recent appearances.
I started off the year by cashing in my job of 33 1/3 years. I closed out my sixth decade last year and I feel like I'm just getting started. I've got a few songs to sing, I've got a few stories to tell...
I was going to give another pdqMedia gallery showing but my scanner is more senile than I am and way more sporadic in its work habits. I can give you one old crayon felt tip pen thing.


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