Saturday, September 29, 2007

it Challenged the world!!!!

this is the Challenger CH30 in operational form. in current mode it has 2x6L6 metal tubes for an estimated 19 watts of incredible tube power. the first order was to replace the hideous mismatched knobs with lime green chickenheads to bring the ancient beast into the fifties plus inject a little mojo. then Yontz Sucre added guitar friendly input and output jacks and a nice chassis grounded three prong chord. when he checked out the speaker cab he found shredded voice coils in the old 10 inch Jensen Vibrantos. with a little encouragement from Dave the Duck, you can call me Chuck, Gourley, I replaced those dead speakers with Fender blue frame 8 ohm alnicos. I got my own little Weller hobbiest soldering pencil and metalglued those vintage style cones right in. I had to break out the long slumbering socket and ratchet to hang the new blue frames in their enclosed box. I threw out the pink insulation and replaced it with foam. I have written previously about flashing the 5U4 rectifier bulb so there were some pretty major issues with the family of bubbled and discolored beeswax capacitors that lived in the belly of the beast. with a last min trip the see Darren Riley to pick up the much needed 20uf 500v electrolytic, that task was expertly handled by the technician and tonemeister at
I want to be clear that Dave's time, expertise and assistance was invaluable to this project. He's got some crazy stompbox ideas too. You should give him a call if you need something special.
I'm hoping Dave and I can get together and put some of the choice tones from this amp on tape, or maybe just to have a few beers and catch a bass or two.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

thrifty store treasure

in glorious


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

found, six inches underground

found this digging an addition to one of our flowerbeds.

scribbly black...

I scribble...

in black.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

when in doubt, sell out!

All this time I have been trying to BECOME an artist. I sing, I play, I paint, I draw. BUT, everybody wants to be an artist now. What IS an artist? Is it someone who paints for a living or simply someone who paints?
my cousin, the blue fool goat, tells me I should take a bunch of my drawings, matt them all prettified and blah blah blah. Not gon’ do it. So here’s the deal. I post a jay peg of the drawing and you get up with me if you want to buy it. OK?

Starting as low as 10 dollars.