Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is Poindexter Q Rock’n’Roll coming to you live from beautiful downtown Worthdale right here on WPDQ. We’re gonna be spinning some sheet like you ain’t never heard before. It’s gonna be M-I-N-D E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G.
The first thing I wanna tell you tonight, before we get started, is that, if you get a chance, you need to go down to the canteen and tell Harry and Irene that Poindexter Q says hey. And while you’re there get Irene to cook you up some of them brains and eggs she’s so famous for. OK, without further adieu, let’s rock!

Tonight I am going to turn the whole show over to an artist that many of you may not be so familiar with but one who has released music in every decade since the forties. Let me turn your attention to one specific package, Sun Ra: The Singles (Evidence 1996). A two-disc collection from throughout Sun Ra’s lengthy and prolific career that is a must for any serious music lover. With over 150 minutes of music so varied and adventurous that it almost literally turns you every which way but loose.

To listen to both discs straight through is a ride you won’t soon forget; as an amazing collection of innovative players interpret Sun Ra as Sun Ra interprets others. This is challenging music and we are all greater for it. From "A Foggy Day" to "Outer Space Plateau" it is a roller coaster of innovation.

Herman Poole "Sonny" Blount became Sun Ra. Then Sun Ra created his own alternative and was one of the first to do it. He created Saturn Records, his own independent label, in the mid-fifties, that released most of the music featured here. Sun Ra, who was early to experiment with Robert Moog’s contribution to musical instrumentation, was actually given a prototype mini-moog by Bob himself.
You can find Sun Ra music that is more challenging, way more far-out than this, especially some of the 60’s era New York based explorations. In fact, there is quite a bit of doo-wop on this disc but I find it an excellent way to remember loosing my acid cherry and seeing Sun Ra and the Solar Arkestra lift off into interstellar overdrive at the Hampton Jazz Festival in 1967.

it's Jah Redd's birthday today

this from the ABOO profile on myspace:

"1/31/07... I have completed the 2nd issue of the zine and will be out tommorrow! might take me a day or two to get them..Very Soon..This one has full color front and back cover..3000 on newsprint/40 pages/...interviews with: Jae/A.P.P.L.E. Penelope/ The Avengers Colin/ The Hated Danny/ Social UnRest Steve/Thought Crime Mike/ Channel 3 And Insane Jane.....also Froilan/Radikal Primate zine~Phillipines scene report and more..I book some shows in Raleigh, so bands write...The zine is 2 dollars post paid in the states, 3 in canada and mexico and 4 world.Trades are cool,~ jared/ a beat of our own 123 b park avenue raleigh, nc 27605 ...."

Just out is issue number two of Jared's labor of love: A Beat of Our Own. If you are local, pick one up on Hillsborough Street, if not contact Jared here:


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

caught a chicken pecking hell out of my typewriter...

and he left this:

“Lemme ask ya one question. Do you think that… you could make it… with Frankenstein?”

yeeeehiiiiiii… saddle up boys and girls you’re gonna want to get on this “Subway Train”. I don’t know where you could have been hiding your head for the last what 35 years but at one time the New York fucking Dolls were the BEST take no prisoners rock ‘n’ roll band on the planet and very possibly the whole expanse of Perry Rhodan’s Universe.

But, if you DID manage to somehow escape undamaged by the dangerous racket the ‘Dolls threw directly in your face, I call into evidence a “demo”, a hard night’s day.

It’s got 21 signature licks that the ‘Dolls burn down, incinerate, pummel to bits, shout about it, scream about it… This Y2K Norton release was recorded live at Planet Studios, by Paul Nelson, in March 1973. Very lively stuff. What are you waiting for? Go get one, now.

It’s pretty hard to beat that first “official” album on Mercury that Todd Rundgren produced but you already have that, right, so, yeah you will be running around clutching this in both hands banging it against your forehead and trying to resist the temptation to shout THE NEW YORK DOLLS are IT!!!!!!!!

I have and always will embrace and encourage you to check out the New York Dolls in their many forms and guises but understand, this is THE New York Dolls: Johnny, David, Syl, Jerry & Arthur “Killer” Kane at the top of their game.

The same way the Stooges had shocked the world a few years before the New York Dolls had equal impact on what came directly after. Like the Stooges, the 'Dolls had the balls, they had the chops and they had the sassy assed attitude to stand and deliver. These guys took rock and roll by the hair of it’s scrawny head and dragged it, kicking and screaming all the way, to the pinnacle.

“You’re gonna get it when Frankenstein gets home!”

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Roger Roger and the Co-Pathetics or
My Holiday by Roger Ron

I seldom go freeform on these posts. In fact, lately, I haven’t had any form at all. I’ve been largely missing in action. Here it is February 10th and I still have not "rung in the new" So, with tongue in cheek, gun in holster, bags packed and traveler’s checks in hand; off we go.
My Christmas holiday by R Taylor.
The truth is Ms Modern and I tried very hard to dodge the sanctified holiday that has evolved from celebrating the birth of Christ. What we celebrate here in America is greed and gluttony. I’m not even Christian and I am still offended. The businessmen of America depend on our super comsumptive nature to resolve their bottom line problems with one big, ridiculous, violence laden shopping frenzy at the end of every year.

We probably pissed off several family members but it was worth it and, just maybe, they will get over it.

My small concession to the "Christmas Spirit" was that I got grandson Lukin his first Tonka and my son and I found this JVC cassette deck at a local thrift store marked $24. This lady came over and said "half price sale today, but I’ll let you have it for $8". Sold.
A week or so later my son found a pair of Calrad DM20 microphones that we picked up for $50.

I thought getting him involved in taping/sound engineering would be a good thing for us to do together since I am a songwiter/musician. Actually he is becoming a musician himself and has written a few songs. He has been in band throughout his schooling, on trumpet and fluglehorn. Since he was a young boy I have always encouraged him to the guitar, which is my instrument. I first got the little Yamaha that is like ukulele size, then up to the ¾.

On Christmas Eve my daughter and Lukin’s dad Gil came over and Aaron, Gil and I did some "test" recordings with the new equipment. I have a Shure mic myself. We recorded the three songs I have most recently been working on; "Circle Around", "Wait for Me" & "Days" and an unreleased Neutral Milk Hotel song Gil and I like to sing together called "Sinking Ship". You can find the "best" of our holiday hootnanney at:

My new year’s eve was uneventful. My "bubbly" was several PBR’s and that’s alright with me. As we moved into 2007 it was pretty much more of the same but I have been feeling a bit better, I guess light is a good way to put it, or even energetic, excited, creative. The opportunity to record my music and have my old friend Michael from before and with Butchwax involved AND my son and Gilbert who is an excellent singer…I haven’t felt this good about the music in a long time. I also have something working with a guy from back in the days of Butchwax but I shouldn’t say too much; don’t want to jinx anything.
I feel like my writing is more complex and more colored than ever but retaining a solid foundation in the roots, the music of the folk.

Aaron and I got together with Michael on February 3rd. Michael brought his Behringer UB802 and his Shure mic. We set up the Yamaha PSS480 to play "bass" and I was shocked at how quickly Aaron took command of that. Sure, he had flubs but it was amazing how natural it seemed to be for him. The main thing we recorded were the same basic three that I have been trying to polish but the coup of the session was our first overdub. I played guitar and sang, Michael sang harmony and Aaron played "bass" then overdubed trumpet on "Circle Around" and Aaron and I did a trumpet/guitar/vocals "demo" of a new song I am still working on called "Open"

At some point during the "joyous holiday season" I finally got my lyricist/composer card from ASCAP so if anyone wants to record some of my songs let me know. My anniversary of abdication to State emposed slavery was January 21st, 32 years. That pretty much brings us up to date.

By the way, my new year’s resolution was to work on the blog more. You see how that turned out, don't you?

It's been so long I hardly knew the place
gee it's good to be back home...

this was written December 29, 2006.

good morning. it's my birthday, so, I thought now might be the time to come out of "hiding". of course we still need to make it through the George Washington's Day sale or the "pop the cork" celebration at the dawning of the new year. the 7th Day Adventist magazine mom continues to buy me a subscription for has a story about the end of the world I've been thinking about one of the first songs I wrote for Butchwax or the "short wave band" at the time, called "New Dawn". 1977.

A new dawn is coming break on through.
A new dawn is coming shine on through.
The dawning of a new day,
We’re gonna reach you.
Were gonna teach you
a strange new way.
But first,
Total destruction.
A new dawn is coming blink your eye it’s gone.
A new dawn is coming blink your eye it’s here.
The dawning of a new day.
Were gonna teach you
We’re gonna reach you
It’s a strange new day.
But first,
Total destruction.

I’m not saying I am or was the first to say the sky is falling but the signs are there for all to see and are being largely ignored. no, no, no this is not an "end of the world as we know it" whine and that’s not even what the above quoted song is about.
What I meant to tell you was how my holiday went and, so, this being the 30th anniversary of the new dawn that’s how we got here. Rumbling fumbling mumbling stumbling… yes I know the lyrics are a bit naïve and simple but it also might be their strength.